Making your voice heard in an easy way

News 09:03 March 2024:

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Twitter has a very large following and if you care about a particular subject, then twitter polls is the way to go.   The tweet or polls have a lifeline of 24 hours after that.   Embedded polls can be set between 5 minutes to 7 days, depending on your poll/blog; it will be upon you to give it a time frame.  It is also worth noting that polls on twitter are not a new thing.  Earlier people have been voicing such polls through re-tweets or tweets but now it is official your voice can be heard through the polls in any trending subject.f1

The good thing with the twitter polls is that twitters get to know how much time is left on a particular subject.  So if you want your voice heard on a particular subject, it will be upon you to catch up before the time frame is ended.   The votes interestingly are public, giving users the chance to know how they have fared in a particular subject.  What you need to know is that you cannot be able to follow your poll once you have shared it.  You will only be able to see the outcome.

About a year and a few months ago, Twitter polls were introduced into the market on a trial basis.  Users had different options regarding its use.  One group thought it was a good idea whilst the other group thought otherwise.  That notwithstanding, we are glad to say that it received a positive response from the staffers that were able to use the two option feature thereby giving them the go ahead to roll the app into the market.  If you are a constant Twitter user, you will agree with me that it is in itself one very interesting platform.f2

A user has two options either to vote or to create and one thing we need to take note of is that polls have a lifeline of between 5 minutes to 7 days depending on the response.  If you have a burning question, this I think is the best forum to post it.  You must be ready to accept the outcome as you will not be able to know how people voted; all you will be able to see is the final results.  To be able to vote or create a poll you must be a Twitter user with an account.

Just for clarity purposes the Twitter polls voting time is set by who tweeted it.  That is the main reason why it differs considerably from one individual to another.  But the characters still remain the same at 140 characters.  For further clarity purposes photos are not included in the polls lest you forget.  Back to our first question, a few years ago users on Twitter use to create their own polls illegally but these never received the audience the real polls now receive.  It is therefore worth noting that polls have made a great difference in how people interact compared to before.

This is an excellent platform for brands to market their products and for campaigning.  If you are a marketer, you should have been on Twitter by now.  Twitter use is on the increase and compared to other social media platforms, its customer base has a steady rise not only with individuals but with brands.  Even though people find the 140 character a little limited but in marketing, what really matters is content.  If you know how to play your cards well, the 140 characters are a more than enough platform to market your product, if you care to ask me.

One way to engage your audience is through timely events.  Check the market on what is trending and capture on that.   Through such your audience will have a platform to address the same ideas but in different ways.  You can also choose to create Twitter polls as a way of engaging your audiences on events that you know they will not say no to.   The good thing about is that you are free to create your polls on nearly every subject.  With an anonymous voting system, it is a better platform to seek ideas and views from audiences on different platforms.