How to engage your Social Media Panels for Buzzing Upcoming Events

News 10:03 March 2024:

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A few years back, attending an event was just that. An event, official or casual only required a few formalities, invitations and off you went. Nowadays however, the ability to build close ties with your social panels has changed how we view modern events. Now you can engage with your guest for days before you even host them. You can have your panel for instagram help with some bit of planning; have your Facebook friends suggest the content they want at the party, while you also create other groups and websites to make everything intriguing.

It might a bit of a hassle, but there is no better way to prepare a big and buzzing event than by engaging your social media community. Start a hash tag with your panel for twitter about the event, live stream it if you can, and most importantly keep the conversation going once the event is over. It is after all the purpose of using social networks during events.